Brands and businesses to support – ethical, holistic, small and independent artists.

Rather than shopping at the just-too-easy-to-give-all-your-money-to places, why not support other businesses and help them flourish too? Or maybe you want to be a little more responsible and conscious over where you spend your money and want to give it to businesses and brands that align with your values. Well, us too. So here’s a curated list of places to help us all shop a little more responsibly and supportively.


Focused on moral principles and practices

Zero Grocery
Zero waste groceries without plastic waste at discounted prices.

Not necessarily somewhere to shop, but creative tools to support creatives. Donates to meaningful causes.

Outdoor clothing. Pledges 1% of sales to the preservations and restorations of the natural environment. Supports grassroots groups. Rejects fast-fashion. Worn Wear program.

Brother Vellies
Women’s luxury fashion that honors the people and places of where its products are made from. Careful and thoughtful process in creating fashion goods that is sustainably focused.

Consciously and sustainably made sneakers. 1 pair of sneakers sold = 2 trees planted.

P.F. Candle Co.
Vegan, cruelty-free, & phthalate-free candles that use domestically-grown soy wax.Growing commitment to sustainability and the planet.


Taking into consideration all aspects of well-being to promote
and support a healthy and happy lifestyle

Sun Potion
Medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs to help transform consciousness and health. Organic and/or wildcrafted products with quality standards to purity.

Moon Juice
Adaptogenic supplements, skincare, and food meant to elevate consciousness and wellbeing.

Tasty prepared lattes that are powered by adaptogens and probiotics. High quality and ethically sourced goods with no added sugar and all organic/non GMO.

Coffee alternative with organic ingredients for better health and performance.


Independent artists working on their craft

Cloud Jupiter
Resin-made goods and hand-crafted stone jewelry pieces. 50% of ALL proceeds are donated to your choices of NGOs (non profit organizations).

Tia Adeola
Fashion brand by designer Teni “Tia” Adeola. Derives her inspiration from her art history background and passion for the Renaissance period.

Polymer clay earrings by Elizabeth Adams.

Philish Lunchbag
Iconic bear paintings by Philish Lunchbag.

Forward Pottery
Functional Handmade Pottery for Your Party.


Redistribute the flow of money from big corporations into small businesses.
Support entrepreneurs and their big ideas.

Get A Whiff
Delightfully scented candles with a witty sense of humor. Quality candles using natural waxes that are non-toxic.

Ten Virtues
Purposefully crafted mens jewelry using precious metals and modern technology.