“Settle Down, Happily” with Gaby Paul and Jeremy Ford

A voice so alluring and emotive, Gaby Paul captures your attention and keeps you in her grasp with her newest single with Jeremy Ford, “Settle Down, Happily.” This track takes you into another place where it really opens you up from the inside out. So soulfully and wonderfully put together and produced by Jeremy Ford with Gaby Paul’s sincere timbre vocals, it leaves you on a deep delicate note.

“Jeremy Ford and I wrote this song about having music as our main passion and focus in our lives. Being artists and living our single person lives, music is what we always go back to at the end of the day. Music essentially is how we ‘Settle Down Happily.’ Music acts as our comfort, like a significant other or another form of a vice. I also love how we wrote the track to have a melodic ambience. The tune brings an aura of magic and if you read the lyrics, you can see how electric music can make a person feel. ‘Pulses, electric. Bolts like lightning. Every sound makes me numb.'” – Gaby Paul

Gaby Paul began performing in the genres of Opera and Musical Theater at the tender age of 14. She collaborated with Jazz legend Dennis Rowland and local Jazz pianist Charles Lewis. Since 2014, Paul likes to infuse the Southwest into her music, while still having it firmly grounded in Soul.

Jeremy Ford is a New York-based producer originally from rural Connecticut. Inspired by beat makers like Pete Rock, The Alchemist, and DJ Premier, he’s crafted backdrops for Sadat X, Wordsworth, Blueprint, Uptown XO, Fatt Father, Little Vic, and many others.

Listen to “Settle Down, Happily” now

Vocals by Gaby Paul [ Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp ]
Produced by Jeremy Ford [ Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp ]
Mixed and mastered by Nate Eaton
Animation by Goreal Art


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