Lost in a Desert Escape with Elohim

It takes getting lost to be able to find what you’re looking for. Producer and songwriter from Los Angeles, Elohim, explores and shares her soul-searching quest with us through her most self-assured material to date. Elohim’s latest single, ‘I’m Lost,’ captures the feeling of being admittingly lost yet accepting it in order to move forward. The tender ballad beginning gives way to a trippy beat-tipped passage that reminds us of the essence of Alice in Wonderland moving from her current reality into a rabbit hole where she finds herself exploring. “I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment. The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet.” You can feel yourself get lost with her in her journey from the soft and tender embark to a feel good exploration of self realization and sureness. Be sure to also watch the music video directed by Chase O’Black that perfectly captures the feeling of the song with the sweet, soft, and striking tones in a bizarre desert escape. (And all shot during the pandemic). We absolutely adore this track and music video that we can stop playing on repeat.


ELOHIM - I'M LOST (artwork)

Producer: Chase O’Black
Director: Chase O’Black
DP: Natasha Abdul
Additional Camera BTS: Russell Tandy
Editor: Chase O’BlackMUSIC
VFX : Frank Xavier


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