Accessory On The Rise: Face Masks

Face masks- a new normal accessory. No mask? No service. No entry. Who really knows where society and your everyday lifestyle is headed at this point. With the push back from society and the lift of mask requirements in certain places, it seems it could go either way moving forward with how normal and required wearing a face mask could be. Some of society hates the idea of wearing one during their daily life outdoors, some prefer it to keep safe and some are somewhere in between.

It’s essentially just another accessory like a hat or a scarf. They’re functional items to keep the sun out of our eyes or to keep us warm, but is an optional item dependent on our circumstances and preferences. So, let us entertain this for a second. What if we embraced this face mask accessory and it maintained its presence in society to be a more commonly worn item like a hat or a scarf even after this pandemic. Where could this look go?

Ornamental face accessories from function to fashion have already hit the runways in the past and have become more commonly streamed all over the internet due to COVID guidelines. How can we embrace this and make it fun while functional? Our thoughts have been brewing. It inspired us to look into and collect some ideas of face coverings.

Even after this is all over, would still wear some sort of face mask? Would some inspo convince you? It’s convinced us. Why not? Welcome to the apocalypse. We are coming prepared.

Would you want to see our full moodboard? Let us know! Leave a comment below.


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