LA Ment’s Dark Room Art Show & Pop-Up

Finding connection through struggles and pain, Isaac Lee, graphic designer, brought to light some of his darkest thoughts. At his LA Ment: Dark Room art show in Koreatown, Los Angeles, you can find his graphic design works that expressed his vulnerable yet unshameful thoughts as he endures life’s limbos- those moments in your life that feel like an existential crisis where all doubtful and negative thoughts take over.

It’s so easy to fall into that mental trap and Isaac wasn’t afraid to admit it and sit with it; although, that’s what motivated him to put on his show. “I felt like I had nothing else to lose,” Isaac admitted. He initially started by creating and posting his artwork that shared those emotions. It resonated with people because they could relate to that same struggle. He wanted to find a positive way of channeling that energy so he invested great amounts of time and energy, got some friends involved, and let it come to life.

“No one is going to make the way for us, so we are going to make it our own way.” – Isaac Lee

At the show, you could find negative print photographs of friends posted along the walls, custom type neon signs, and custom merch that was created all by Isaac. The photo style was based around the dark room negative processing. ‘LA Ment’ came from the idea of “LA mentality”. Isaac created a custom type of distorted and warped black letter that he drew himself.

He wanted to celebrate the “late bloomers” in the process of “catching up and make their
own thing”.


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