FARR House, Los Angeles

FARR House, a concept seemingly draped in mystery leading up to the event that happened just at the end of last year in November around Los Angeles. The cross-continental duo, comprised of Linden Jay and Romeo Testa– known as FARR (@farr_music), have always been one to keep you guessing.

As we arrived at the venue, Monk Space in Los Angeles, we walked in to be greeted by unique pieces of art filling the walls from Tony Camaro (@tony.camaro). You look to your left and there’s a mural with an abstract painting of both members of FARR, surrounded by green, leafy plants and a space to snap a photo. It was a friendly environment that made you feel welcome.

We walked into another, more ambient, dim lit space with spots to lounge with friends. There were projections of different art on the wall, in both video and animated form. In the same room, they were giving out samples of different Spliffin vape cartridges. There was a cool, relaxed ambiance that made it easy to converse with others while appreciating the art and goods.

We continued to venture the space towards the next adjacent room. This time, a dim lit room with a low-bearing stage and bar. Towards the back, you could find a line congregating for cocktails. Thanks to the sponsors Tullamore, you were able to grab a whiskey cocktail or beer at the bar all night. The room was already filled with all bopping to the music. There were acts from Kiah Victoria, Born Dirty, Doubtcamdon, and, of course, FARR. It felt like an underground house party, a comfortable space for us to walk around and socialize while enjoying some live music, art cocktails, and some sampled goodies. It had the chill social vibes of a house party with some complimentary underground energy.

It all started to make sense. I felt relaxed, I felt like I was in a familiar place. My question “What is FARR House” was unraveling.

FARR House wasn’t just a showcase; it was a place to hang out. It’s meant to feel like home. Linden and Romeo wanted to bring you into their world and give you a taste of what they’re all about.

written by: Katie Fee
photos taken by: Alvin Basilio & Tim Toda



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